Brand Advantages

Careful material selection

We always insist on high quality, strictly controlling every stage from every piece of timber to every gram of chemical material and every inch of paper.

Perfect design

Highly qualified design team perfectly combines products with life, basing on market demands, and excellent workmanship, rich product varieties, outstanding quality, one-stop overall design and customization to perfectly build top realm of your furniture and decoration .

Uniform image

We fully implement brand VI (Visual Identity) system, unifying inside and outside brand image, constantly upgrading franchised shop image, brand image and service, etc. to demonstrate high-end international style of the brand.

Advanced equipment

We bring in the most advanced production equipment, and fully adopt digital production management, to ensure that every type of product is through lean production, to form a solid foundation for building a modern enterprise.

Technological innovation

We have set up an innovation R&D center, with complete testing items, professional technical equipment and leading R&D measures and such technical advantages to provide strong technical support for product.

Quality certification

We fully implement quality management, strengthen quality standard, strictly controlled product quality in the whole production process, to make “Zero defect “products, to establish strict enterprise internal control standard, to fully guarantee product quality consistency.

Risk control

You only need to invest in shop decoration in the initial period. Centralized production means no stock is needed, and turnover of capital is fast. Steady operation mode guarantee safety of our distributor’s capital, for nearly zero risk and high yield.


Each pallet of fiberboard is independently carefully packed, to realize transport of products without damage. We cooperate with large logistics companies, to base on customer’s requirements to guarantee efficient, fast and safe deliver of products to destinations. Customers do not need worry about port congestion and related problems.

Controllable work period

We have rational arrangement of production tasks, strictly control every process , effectively control production schedule to guarantee product quality and ensure that you receive goods within time limit .

After-sale maintenance

If quality problem occurs, we will send quality inspection personnel for corresponding treatment after receiving fault declaration, to ensure that product with quality problem can be handled at once.