Main process of Rongtai Wood manufacturer and some highlights

Main production line 

The hot press, which is also the main equipment of our line. Our hot press is 16 meters high and equipped with 30 laminate. Under normal working condition,it can produce 1.5 cubic meters of MDF plate in 120 seconds, it is the world’s largest production capacity so far multi-layer production line.

Sanding production line

Our sanding machine is composed of 12 sanding frame, it’s main role is to produce our plate thickness, smooth surface, to create conditions for the subsequent veneer. With a daily processing capacity of 20,000

Power workshop

Our power plant consists of 14 1000 kw/h gas generators that supply the entire plant.

Adhesive workshop

which provides the auxiliary materials for gluing the plates, and can produce more than 200 tons of urea-formaldehyde glue every day

Defibering and drying workshop

The configuration of our hot mill is 52 inches of grinding area, which is also the largest configuration in the industry. It can provide about 40,000 kg of fiber per hour to meet our production. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with our drying pipeline. Our drying pipeline is 120 meters long and 2 meters in diameter, and can dry 40,000 fiber with a moisture content of about 12% per hour to meet our production capacity

Energy workshop 

With a design capacity of 42MW, which can provide steam and heat energy for our production workshop. The heat energy of 40 million kcal can fully meet the production of our production line.

Impregnating line

It is made up of two most advanced impregnation equipment in China, with a length of 70 meters and a daily production of about 40,000 pieces of finished veneer paper.

Hot pressure units

We have 12 of the most advanced pressure units in China, with a daily production capacity of 20,000 decorative panels

Shaving workshop

Made up of two shaving units. It is also by far the largest configuration in the timber industry, providing about 120 tons of wood chips per hour to the production line.